5 Years

Today marks five years since the first “Wilderness” album was released. For me it was more than an album, it was a total paradigm shift. My creativity, my personal and professional life, everything was new and it was all wrapped up in those songs. I don’t remember where I was that day, but I can assure you I was riding the most perfect cocktail of hope and anxiety. Hopeful that following my gut would lead to success or peace or some new vista from which to view the world, anxious to know the future when the future is anything but knowable. Five years later I’ve come to realize this is simply the space I’ve chosen to inhabit. It can be tiring, but it can also be so intoxicating. So today I raise a glass to the past and how all the good that comes from it can round out the rough edges and give you a sense that anything is possible. No doubt, looking back on that record it certainly feels that way. Photo credit to Jimmy Marble one of my favorite photographers who delivered some truly beautiful images for this project.

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