Digital Deluxe Version of the S/T Album + The Canyons EP

AMitW deluxe album cover (1)

I recently had the chance to get into the studio and record acoustic versions of a few of my favorite tracks on the S/T album (“High Dive,” “Cecilia and the Satellite,” “Halls,” “Maps For The Getaway”). Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing these as a digital deluxe version of the album, along with 2 bonus tracks (“Art School Girlfriend” and “Lottery Ticket”). In addition, the acoustic tracks will also be available on The Canyons EP (digital only). Check out the list of songs below, can’t wait for you to hear them!

1. Canyon Moon
2. Cecilia And The Satellite
3. High Dive
4. All Our Lives
5. See Her On The Weekend
6. Black And White Movies
7. Driving Through A Dream
8. Halls
9. Rainy Girl
10. Maps For The Getaway
11. Lottery Ticket (Bonus Track)
12. Art School Girlfriend (Bonus Track)
13. Maps For The Getaway (Canyons Version)
14. Cecilia And The Satellite (Canyons Version)
15. Halls (Canyons Version)
16. High Dive (Canyons Version)

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