Goodnight to you, my black and blue mannequin

Today marks the official release of Jack’s Mannequin’s “Live From the El Rey” concert film. I never expected it would take three albums, hundreds of shows and the retiring of a moniker to motivate this moment, but I’m glad it is here nevertheless. There is little I could say that hasn’t already been said, but for what it’s worth I loved those years; both as Jack’s Mannequin and as a member of the band Jack’s Mannequin became. If that doesn’t make sense I can live with that, knowing it makes perfect sense to me. Jack’s was a concept that shifted shapes from moment to moment and year to year. It is a summer on a beach, a summer in a hospital and half a decade attempting to reconcile the two. Jack’s Mannequin is, as I’ve said before, my brutal and beautifully confused 20’s set to music. Thank god it happened, thank god it’s over and thank god there is an artifact to prove it was real. I’m not sure I would believe it otherwise.

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