Moving Pictures


I have had the opportunity to make several music videos in my life. Full disclosure, it has never been my favorite part of releasing records. Nevertheless, my goal with the synesthesia video was to reclaim that process and allow it to be as free and joyful as creating the song itself. Searching for directors is always tricky, and as you might imagine, what you see in your minds eye is not always what someone else might see in there’s. For this song, one so deeply rooted in the idea of family and knowing where you come from, I invited two talented, young filmmakers to take on the task of directing. They also happened to be my cousins. When I reached out to Hamilton and Cooper Karl about synesthesia, I gave them a copy of the song, a copy of the album cover and a pretty simple directive that this should be a celebration of sorts. The next day they sent over their ideas and off we went. My meager budget meant a lot of favors from friends, and a sense of community began to spring up around our little project. From the amazing backyard we shot in, to the makeup artists and stylists,to the cast of characters who worked for little more than Coronas and Tequila, Cooper and Hamilton committed their vision to the screen, creating my favorite video of a video-filled career. We filmed the performance portion in Cooper’s apartment with a projector, a bare white wall, my cannon 7d, a few friends and a little absinthe to make things interesting. It was a moment of pride that after years of creating music in a fairly down and dirty fashion, the video process could now be similarly approached. My hat is off to Cooper, Hamilton and our producer Holly Adams for this video which I am so proud of. To me it proved that taking chances and collaborating with people who inspire you and want the best for your art is the only way to work.

Thank you to all who made this happen. Roll credits.


Directed by:

Hamilton Karl

Cooper Karl


Produced by:

Holly Adams, Arts & Recreation Group

Cooper Karl, Stasis Creative, Inc.



Paige Bittner (lead)

Devon Graye (lead)

Devin Brooke

Brandon Crowder

Nadeem Marc

Annie Bowen

MacKenzie Rosman

Akira Peck

Alexis Nemeth

Elliot Crowe


Edited by:

Hamilton Karl

Cooper Karl



Hamilton Karl

Cooper Karl


Additional Photography:

Garrett Kline



Ashley Mahmoudian

Sara Iravani



Tehra Burton


Color correction:

Keith Lancaster


Special Thanks to:

Will Allen

Shaheen Davis

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