New Song “Don’t Speak For Me (True)” Out Now!

“Don’t Speak for Me” is a unique track for a lot of reasons but largely because I originally wrote it with, and for another artist. Writing for yourself is one thing but trying to inhabit and understand someone else’s world in a way that feels three dimensional can be tricky and requires empathy. Like so many of these blind date writing sessions that come along when you do what I do for a living, it’s always a gamble. Most days it feels counter intuitive to me on almost every level. So why do I do it? Because it often leads to powerful music. It becomes the cowriters’ task to find some common burden and wrestle it. In “True” we chose to confront that feeling of knowing your so close to being who you were meant to be, where you were meant to be, but still needing time and space to get there. Somewhere in the middle of that feeling, is this anxiety that the world sees you one way, when locked up deep inside yourself is someone altogether different, trying to be heard. I remember leaving the session thinking we had written something special, but more than a year passed before I came back to it. Somehow the words rang truer than the day they were written and I began toying with the idea of using it on ‘Zombies’. It was a new kind of experiment, making a home for a song that I had written for someone else. Isn’t that what a good song should be though. A home for so many. I suppose when we are moved by another person’s story, we’re really just trying on their clothes, seeing through their eyes and realizing how truly similar we all are at the core. 

Watch the lyric video for “Don’t Speak For Me”

You only have to wait 2 more weeks before ‘Zombies On Broadway’ comes out on 2/10! Pre-order it now.


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