New Video for ‘Shot Out of a Cannon’

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Zombies on Broadway was released. The support for the album on the road, at radio and in the kindness shown by my fans was more than I could have hoped for. A huge highlight of working the album was the time the band and I spent in Japan. As I begin the transition from Zombies into the wilderness of whatever comes next I want to share one last video from this collection of songs. My cousin, friend and collaborator, Cooper Karl, joined the band and I on our Japanese tour and in the process collected the footage for this film. Selfishly, I’m so grateful to have this piece so I can look back at the beauty and chaos of those shows and nights out in Tokyo and Osaka. Still it’s my hope that those of you who made it to shows during our year long Zombies adventure will feel the same nostalgia I feel when watching these frames set to Shot out of a Cannon. Thanks to Cooper and his team for putting this together and to Michael McQuilcan for the graphics woven into this cool tapestry. Enjoy.

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