‘Upside Down Flowers’ Out Today + New Video for “Paper Rain”

Upside Down Flowers CD cover

I am a man with a family who lives in a town by a beach. At a young age, in the midst of some unpleasantness, I moved here, and for the first time felt like I was home. People often come to California because there are some things they would rather not go through in the cold. I suppose that’s how I ended up here too. I refer to this album as my land of Upside Down Flowers. In many way’s it’s a mirror to my world, an uncanny reflection but not quite the real thing. The songs held within it’s borders are about friends and loved ones, both real and imagined. The edges are blurred now it seems, but the sentiment remains. I didn’t write these songs to change the world, but they helped me to understand mine a little better. Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but I guess that is the beauty of letting go. Self reflection can be painful, it can be blinding and it can be transformative. For me, the creation of this album was a little bit of all three. Enjoy

There’s a lot to celebrate today, and we’re getting all kicked off with the new video for “Paper Rain.”

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